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Storytelling Project NFT


Storytelling Project is an evolving NFT collection, which Svetlana Gencheva is gradually presenting on the crypto art platform OpenSea. This multimedia collection, of more than 70 hand-painted works, is produced using various classical and digital techniques such as oil painting, silkscreen, sanimation, augmented reality and video mapping. The unlockable content of each NFT item contains the narrative behind this project, written by Svetlana Gencheva and called Mythology of My Aquarium. The goal of Storytelling Project is to develop a collection of images worthy of a graphic novel, extended with augmented reality. Thanks to the collaboration with director Daniel Ahmakov, the project will be then adapted into an animated short film ✨  The holders of this NFT collection will be mentioned in the film and the book credits ✨ 



The concept of NFT means a cryptoasset or a work of art, authenticated thanks to the blockchain of a cryptocurrency which gives it its first value. This makes it possible to trace and verify the origin of the digital work. Finally, NFT collections are like start-ups, that is to say investment projects with real potential. How to set up a crypto wallet? 

Virtual Reading: Halo AR

For reading in virtual mode:

1. Download the Halo AR app  :

2. Follow me: username: Svetlana (, collection name: NFT

3. Scan the painting  





Art book, published in 2019, accompanied with the poetry by Zornitsa Genova  and a original 4 colors screen print 

Directed by Daniel Ahmakov, with animated oil paintings by Svetlana Gencheva, the film Stigma is among the finalists of the Poe Film Festival 2020


  •   Animation Film


Creation of  the animated film Mythology of my Aquarium 

Presentation on film festivals


  • Storytelling Project


Building gradually the Storytelling Project  collection  

Exhibition in virtual and real galleries 

Exposure in traditional media and social networks



  • AR graphic novel  


Publishing the graphic novel with augmented reality   Mythology of My Aquarium 



🌒   Pre-phase 


🌗   First trimester phase


🌖     Last trimester phase



🌕     Final phase


Ancre Stigma
Mythology 2
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